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 ZohoMail Email Forwarding


Enable Email Forwarding:

  1. Log in to https://www.zoho.com/mail/
  2. Click Settings » Mail » Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. In the Email forwarding Section, Click 'Add Email Address'
  4. Specify the email address to which you want to forward a copy of your email
  5. A confirmation Email will be sent to the added email address. Email forwarding will be enabled only after you verify the account.
  6. You can choose whether you want to remove the email from Zoho account after forwarding or retain the copy in Zoho.
    • Select 'No' for ‘Delete Zoho mail's copy’, to leave a copy of the forwarded email in Zoho.
    • Select 'Yes' for ‘Delete Zoho mail's copy’, to delete the email in Zoho, after forwarding to the specified email address.
  7. If you have chosen 'Delete Zoho Mail's copy', for Email Forwarding, the emails will be deleted immediately and will not be available for POP retrieval. 
  8. Click ‘Save.

Steps for Administrators to enable Email Forwarding within Organization accounts:

  1. Log in to https://www.zoho.com/mail
  2. Select Control Panel >> Mail Accounts
  3. Select the mail account for which you want to enable Email Forwarding
  4. Click Add Email Forwarding and provide another organization account as destination account. 

 Points to remember for Email Forwarding: 

  • You cannot enable Email Forwarding, where the destination is a Group. 
  • Email Forwarding cannot be enabled for more than 3 destination accounts, in case of paid accounts.
  • Filter based forwarding cannot be enabled to the same email address, which has already been added for Email Forwarding. 
  • If the Email Forwarding fails for ten times consecutively, the email forwarding will be automatically disabled. 
  • If the received email, is an already auto-forwarded email, such email will not be will not be forwarded again to avoid looping. 

 Email Forwarding - Verification

Once you add the email address for auto forwarding, you need to proceed with the verification process. In the destination account, you will receive an email with a verification link to confirm the Email Forwarding process.  

  1. In the destination account, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification code.
  2. Login to https://www.zoho.com/mail/
  3. Click Settings » Mail » Email Forwarding
  4. Click ‘Verify’ icon corresponding to the email address. 
  5. Provide the verification code in the space provided. 
  6. Click Confirm and save the settings. 
  7. In case you did not receive the verification code, click Resend option to receive the verification code again. 

 Disable/Delete Email Forwarding

  1. Log in to http://www.zoho.com/mail/
  2. Click Settings » Mail » Email Forwarding and POP/IMAP
  3. Select ‘Disable’ to disable Email forwarding, temporarily to the corresponding email address.
  4. You can just click 'Enable' to re-enable Email forwarding instead of going through the entire process
  5. If you want to remove Email Forwarding to that email address permanently, click Delete.

 Filter based Email Forwarding 

You can forward only some emails based on certain conditions, using the filter-based forwarding feature. You can set up conditions based on senders or subjects and forward emails to another person. This will be particularly useful, when you want to forward only specific emails to another account, based on specified set of rules or conditions. 

  1. Log in to http://www.zoho.com/mail/
  2. Click Settings » Mail » Filters
  3. Provide the conditions or rules you want to specify.
  4. In the Action, select Forward to and specify the email address
  5. In case you are newly adding the email address, you need to verify the email address
  6. Click Save to save the settings. 

For the incoming emails, which match the specified conditions, the emails will be forwarded to the email address, after the verification process. 'Run through Filters' options is not applicable for filters with 'Forwarding' as an action.

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